Frequently asked questions

How much can I save?

In general, you can save your kW reduced during peak hours times the annual capacity or transmission rate you are subject to. The exact amount may vary from $10k to $100k per MW per year, depending on your location. Check back on our website soon for more info on pricing specific demand charge management strategies. You can also get in touch, and we'll help you build a business case for using GridReason.

How do you make your predictions?

Our predictions are based on time-series models of regional electricity load, incorporating weather and seasonal factors. We update our forecasts at least once an hour to incorporate the latest weather forecast data. We estimate the probability of upcoming peaks using a Monte Carlo simulation method that is akin to how meteorologists use ensemble weather forecasts to estimate the chance of rain or snow. We produce thousands of hypothetical future electricity demand scenarios, and then simply count up where the peaks fall to estimate a probability for each interval.

I just signed up. How do I set things up?

If you signed up without an invite from a coworker, that means you have an admin account. We suggest you take a look at each of the tabs on your dashboard to make sure you understand what they do:

  • FORECASTS: This is where you go to see our up-to-date charts showing probability estimates for potential upcoming peaks.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: By default we'll message you between 9AM - 1PM if there is a 2% or higher chance of a peak that same day. You can use the Notifications page to edit the notification times and probability thresholds. (Say, for instance, that you also want to be notified the evening prior, but only if the odds are 5% are greater.)
  • SETTINGS: Opt in or out to our emails and SMS notifications.
  • ADMIN: You'll only see this tab if you're the admin for your company. Use this page to invite your colleagues to your company's GridReason account, and manage other account-level settings.

If you signed up via an invite from a colleague, you should check out the "FORECASTS" tab and take a look at the "NOTIFICATIONS" tab to see what alerts you are signed up for. You'll have read-only access to those settings.

How often should I expect to be notified?

Here are our default notification settings for each region, and roughly how many times per year we expect you'll be notified. Your decision to reduce electricity load should also account your company's opportunity costs and your current capacity or transmission rates.

Region Threshold # Notifications
ISO-NE 5% 4 to 8 per year
PJM 10% 8 to 15 per year
ERCOT 10% 8 to 15 per year